Stacie Ant

Stacie Ant

According to Greek Mythology, Lethe was one of the 5 rivers of the Underworld, associated with oblivion and unmindfulness. Those who drank from it experienced a euphoric state of complete forgetfulness.
The image invites viewers to embrace the spiritual side of technology circa a 1990’s perspective of the future, cueing visual references to cyberpunk fiction and the obscure PC-98 conversion of Policenauts.
Waters of Lethe draws comparison between technological immersion and spiritual nirvana.

Stacie Ant, Born 1991 is a Russian/Canadian new media artist and curator currently based in Berlin. Ant draws on her experiences as a female artist while developing the critical views of our technologically-saturated contemporary society that inform her work. Using video, installation, and performance, Ant reinvents elements of contemporary culture through fictional, maximalist narratives.

Stacie Ant’s character-driven work operates as a critique and rejection of the male gaze, enhanced by a modern culture of digital immersion. She harnesses the very digital tools offered in a technologically-dependent world as a means of empowering female identity and sexuality. Often humorous, Ant’s work offers a way of looking at a fast-paced digital realm through a lens of irony and satire.

Stacie is represented by Harlesden High Street.

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