Harlesden High Street and Underground Flower – Manifesto

Harlesden High Street
Underground Flower

Harlesden High Street and Underground Flower - Manifesto

Our core values are formed by our experiences as outsiders navigating the gallery system.

Elitism of all kinds, segregation, and complacency is what has kept us from progressing as marginalised artists and people of colour. Our fundamental mission is to center the voices of those who feel alienated – but without enabling a sense of self-entitlement.

We value self-determination, integrity, and respect in opposition to cultural norms dominated by apathy and privilege.

We don’t use low quality imagery in any aspect of our projects We don’t use images from the exhibition as our marketing. Marketing images are exclusive images and can be considered artworks within themselves.

We don’t show/host work by any member of staff/associate, but do allow staff to curate.

We encourage new, original work which hasn’t been presented in another gallery or platformed online.

We hope to show new and interesting ideas and visual styles; we are uninterested in cliched subcultural references and topical current events.

We don’t ask for hand outs or donations, better to go without.

We discourage elitism but do our best to not tolerate racists, misogynists, unhygienic and anti social behaviour in our physical or online space.

We also don’t encourage typical art world performances that ostracise/alienate people and in particular, general members of the public.

Harlesden High Street and Underground Flower encourage artists who feel marginalized to take pride in their diverse life experiences and create work which achieves high standards of quality, though it may not adhere to mainstream conventions. To work in a creative field is, in itself, a privilege – our guidelines are aimed to acknowledge this and inspire artists with principles of dedication and empowerment.



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