Journey on Howling Craters, Bestial Thoughts and Early Whispers

"Journey on Howling Craters, Bestial Thoughts and Early Whispers" by The Lunatic Care

Welcome to “Journey on Howling Craters, Bestial Thoughts and Early Whispers”.

It is for a journey between the unpredictable craters and the disappeared ones that The Lunatic Care is imbued with the vivacity of Sajetta, supported by the participation of 11 young artists of the South of France. The Sun at the Zenith and the Moon in its unchanging cycle, every sea, every mountain, and every tide has been experienced and embodied by unique creative energies. This selenographic map of the visible side of the Moon allows you to read, see, listen or relax.

This trip is done alone or accompanied, at the rate of individual sensitivity. It can be experienced segmented or all at once, moving from sea to mountain, from lake to tide, because each place is an intuitive postcard and a different way of undertaking this dreamlike journey.




The Lunatic Care is a research and experimentation initiative in which the Moon is near or far the main influence. Fantasized by humans, object of conquest, it has fed our imaginations since the dawn of time.

Since the moon’s energy changes the tides, how can we not believe that its energy also influences living things, especially humans, which are about 60% water?

TLC offers to tell and interpret the lunar signs, their symbolism but also their myths.

First of all, by working according to the lunar calendar which was the first calendar used, but also by deepening the more or less mystical relationship between the Moon and the living world.

Through the various participations of guest artists, The Lunatic Care tries to seduce thanks to cosmic tales or an astral imagination.
Mysterious ingredients sprinkled with biomechanics and fluid analysis, to help you understand or anticipate your emotions.

All the creations of the universe are connected and our conscious bodies are the weaves of a vast and magical web.

An imperceptible mesh connects us as well between humans, as with flora or minerals. The Lunatic Care is a poetic database that is built up through artistic collaborations. It is a platform that allows you to turn your knowledge into visuals in order to optimize sharing. It is with benevolence and humility that The Lunatic Care begins to exist; its form and its content being in perpetual mutation, it is the desire to believe in the incarnations of the forces of nature that has given rise to these ancestral knowledge or even these contemporary myths.

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