Local Haunts

Local Haunt - Tile

‘The events of human life, be they public or private, are so intimately bound up with architecture, that the majority of observers can reconstruct nations or individuals in the full reality of their behaviour from the remnants of their public monuments or the exhibition of their domestic remains.’ 1

‘In my head, I build maps of towns and cities based on these interactions with objects. Maybe they’ve gone now, or completely changed but “Memories are motionless”, Bachelard in The Poetics of Space. Public space co-ordinated via objects, (maybe I could create some type of orienteering event.)’ 2

I’m interested in this human placement of objects in public space – a conscious decision to not directly litter, thinking of creative solutions against dropping something directly onto the floor. The best example off the top of my head: a snickers wrapper cable tied to a fence in Wallsend.

-Treating these discarded, broken, used materials with sensitivity, care, support, allowing them a new energy.

-Adding value or poking fun at ideas of value.

-Objects performing themselves, living out their purpose, being reassigned a purpose, becoming part of the detritus of objects.

Local haunts
   Locally haunting
      Detritus of objects
         Social detritus.

Thinking about non artists interventions in public space all the time:
Creative littering or discarding objects in a way which interacts with permanent fixtures, an empty drinks can pierced onto a fence post, a used wrapper cable tied to a pole, cigarette ends filling up holes in stone.

Local haunts aims to encourage these interactions with public space and think about how we can interact with something in our street, or how that can interact with us hopefully creating moments of curiosity and contemplation for people in passing.

The Project will run through July, across seven different locations in London, works will change for various reasons. (weather/public interaction), works will be documented throughout the project to record change.

1 Honoré de Balzac, The Quest of the Absolute
2 iPhone note, 23/04/2019.

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