Local Haunts

Anna Reading Celeste McEvoy Isobel Mei Dani Smith Sam Meredith Corey Bartle Sanderson Jordan Mouzouris ‘The events of human life, be they public or private, are so intimately bound up with architecture, that the majority of observer ...



Eden Part 1: Proteinic Geontopower1 In the third part of Ethics, Baruch Spinoza proposed that all things have conatus: an endeavour to persevere, to maintain themselves. He posited that humans as well as all other beings and things have t ...


Co22380 Juliette Berthonneau Salomé Chatriot Douma/Guittet Samuel Fasse Iseult Perrault Like everybody else, we were in a hurry. The situation took us as far as Brittany, along the Armor coast. Five artists, inhabiting together and inhabited by ...