Sajetta is an archaic form of the Latin word Sagitta, it is referring to a specific type of flash lightning in the shape of an arrow. The term is linked to the idea of the electricity in the air, to a sudden-immediate-unexpected phenomenon. Sajetta is a large electrical discharge, and it happens when two or more “bodies” meet.
In many places in the South of Italy, the word Sajetta is used to call very fast and lively children or everything that moves compulsively and uncontrollably. In a metaphorical way, the word indicates an apoplectic stroke or an ailment. Sajetta! is also used as an interaction of wonder and amazement:  Man! My God! Hell! Damn!

Following the traces of Sajetta, it now appears like an object, now like a story, now like a social bond, never reducing itself to a simple single body. All that matters are the hyphens and the networks that link them. Sajetta is first nothing but a sign, a token, a trace that remains, left by the displacement of bodies that first arrive, act and then retreat.

Sajetta holds friendship, affinity and tenderness as powerful alliances.

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