Galatina (Italian feminine singular) Galatine (Italian feminine plural), is the name of a famous Italian milk candy. Galatine are made with powdered milk and honey. They look like solid-dehydrated-chalky-whitish circles. They are porous like all bodies of water. They return to their “hydro-state” through the connection with any other body of water, in this case, the saliva of our mouth.


Audio recorded in the Castellana Caves – Length: 3,000 m
Location: Castellana Grotte (BA, Apulia, Italy)
Coordinates: 40°52′32″N 17°08′59″E

Video recorded at Port’Alga Cove
Location: Polignano a Mare (BA, Apulia Italy)
Coordinates: 40.9906408534034, 17.23803019647275

Text written in the Garden of Addolorata and Giovanni
Location: Torre Santa Susanna (BR, Apulia Italy) – Via Garibaldi, 7
Coordinates: 40.478333065020436, 17.733785258168158


Like A Little Disaster text/audio/video contribution for the show “Galatine” 
With Jaana Kristiina Alakoski, Romana Drdova, Julie Grosche, Lucia Leuci, Katy McCarthy.
Berlinskej Model in Prague – within SUMO (The Odd Year II) September/October 2021